Target Promotions To Your Most Valuable CustomersThe proliferation of smart devices and mobile data applications have changed the rules of mobile marketing, presenting Communications Service Providers (CSPs) with an opportunity to create new service and revenue models. Customers are demanding more personalized data services that fit their lifestyle. You need to respond with engaging marketing campaigns that reflect actual customer behavior.
As consumers adopt more personalized services, you can respond with more targeted campaigns. With real-time analytics that offer granular insights into behavior, your marketing channels can target customer segments that would have been previosly impossible to identify, let alone reach, when voice and SMS were the only services.

The Now Factory’s real-time analytics platform facilitates powerful marketing campaigns. We help you capture and understand the digital “body language” that consumers exhibit when using data services. Targeted customers can be profiled and segmented based on numerous behavioral attributes, including the device they use, the apps they consume, where they access services and at what times.

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You can dig down into extraordinary detail. You can identify, for example, the number of male smartphone users who are likely to access a particular social network site in New York at a specific time of day.

The same analytics platform then lets you measure the effectiveness of the campaign. You can continuously improve your approach for maximum results, taking the guesswork out of marketing and turning insights into revenue.

The new complexity around mobile data creates more customer choice and greater segmentation. As a CSP, you run the risk of losing sight of your customers as they access a diverse range of third-party services from more sophisticated devices.

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This new environment calls for a new type of marketing. You need to dig down into to the detail of individual usage, turning segmentation to business advantage. If the goal is to acquire new customers, keep existing ones or build relationships with the most valuable, you require the intelligence to create more engaging and targeted campaigns.

With the growing volumes of data traffic, you need to deliver profitable data services, identifying those customers who offer the greatest potential to respond and act to your marketing propositions while at the same time optimizing customer acquistion costs and marketing spend.

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