Mobile analytics quoteAs mobile customers choose to access highly personalized services from an expanding range of devices, old business models look increasingly out of place. The upside is that unprecedented demand for mobile data is a timely opportunity for you to generate new revenue streams as old ones decline. In the past, tariff plans have been traditionally based on a “one-size-fits-all” strategy targeting broad customer segments. The new era of mobile data demands more personalized tariffs for more personalized services.
With the ability to categorize and classify customer data usage in more meaningful and useful ways, you can devise optimized data tariffs that are more applicable to different customer segments.

The Now Factory’s real-time analytics platform gives a granular and real-time view of data usage across all the variables in the data service ecosystem, the devices, applications and different customer segments.

Different customers value data services differently, depending on their own interests. Video and gaming matter most to some segments, for example, while others may only be interested in a reliable email service. Pricing plans need to reflect this.

Mobile analytics solution 2

Our solutions unlock the information to help you optimize data plans. Used for tracking Over The Top (OTT) services, for example, they can measure their impact on your SMS and voice revenues and be used as the basis for tariff restructuring to rebalance the losses.

You can continually monitor usage across different customer groups, analyzing their alignment to tariff plans and making adjustments to ensure ongoing profitability. Real-time tariff selection and per-event pricing become a reality, driving incremental data revenues and ensuring you keep up with market demand.

To date, the growth in data traffic is not mirrored in optimized revenue. This suggests Communications Service Providers (CSPs) are sticking with old business models and missing opportunities around new services. They are investing in their networks to keep up with demand for mobile data but they are not generating the maximum return.

Mobile Analytics challenge 2

To remain profitable in the new era of mobile data, you need to optimize tariff plans to ensure that network costs are properly aligned with revenue generation. The challenge is to move away from “one-size-fits-all” tariff packages and tailor your services to customers with highly personalized usage patterns.

New services are launching all the time and the onus is on you to wrap them up in payment plans that make sense for both your customers and your business.

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