The Now Factory’s Professional Services Group works closely with today’s leading Communications Service Providers (CSPs) in helping them leverage the growth in mobile communications and deliver the best return from their investments. As a CSP, the foundation of your business is the relationship you hold with your customers, which is quickly evolving as the proliferation of smart devices and applications impact on network performance and the customer experience.

We understand the challenges you face and we can help you secure your place in the future world of mobile communications. We give you the insights and direction to redefine business models and rethink revenue streams so you can thrive in a period of unprecedented change. We understand that every CSP is different, but wherever you are along the journey, we can help.

Our team of professional services experts can devise strategies to:

  • Understand how customers use data services across different devices, applications and networks to optimize the customer experience across all parts of the business, from network performance to customer care and marketing.
  • Turn OTT apps into an opportunity rather than a threat, using customer experience and granular analytics to make third-party services work for you.
  • Identify new services and revenue streams, using customer insights to define the opportunity and facilitate targeted marketing campaigns.
  • Optimize customer acquisition costs and churn through innovation and a better customer experience.
  • Reduce customer care costs, keeping you close to the customer at the defining point of their mobile experience.
  • Take ownership of the complete consumer lifecycle, leveraging your unique view of the customer and turning it into a competitive advantage.
  • Identify and implement strategies for maximizing network investments around new technologies such as LTE and Voice over LTE (VoLTE).

The Now Factory will help you define your role in a fast-changing market. By giving you the ability to see the future, we ensure you stay part of it.

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