Wireless customer care quoteCommunications Service Providers (CSPs) are in the middle of a perfect storm with helpdesk agents fielding more calls that take longer to resolve, reflecting the growing demand for new smartphones and feature-rich services. Research shows that the volume of support calls related to smartphones is growing and issues are taking longer to resolve. More mobile users are consuming applications such as video content, instant messaging and social networking from diverse content and service providers, on a range of increasingly sophisticated smart devices. As the provider of the network infrastructure that carries these devices and services, you are usually the first point of contact when something goes wrong.
To maintain profitability around mobile data services, you need to find ways to improve FCR and reduce the resources needed to solve customer issues. Crucial to success is the ability to see each customer’s unique experience in real time and make this information accessible to your customer service teams.

The Now Factory’s Customer Experience Management (CEM) solutions provide the right information at the right time. We provide a holistic view across applications, devices and locations, giving your customer service team the most in-depth and accurate understanding of the customer experience, which they can quickly act on to resolve issues.

Wireless customer care solution

With accurate and real-time data, you can empower your customer service centers with the right information to resolve support calls more quickly, achieving market differentiation and strategic advantage. A more comprehensive and personalized support service will help reduce churn and improve customer loyalty while new business models can be developed with third-parties to deliver superior customer service.

The explosion in mobile data applications is driving the personalization of services that create a more individual user experience. This leads to a wide variety of highly individual support issues that have to be resolved. If the range and complexity of helpdesk calls are not dealt with satisfactorily, they can create a gap between you and your customers, leading to potential churn and loss of revenues.

Wireless customer care challenge

There is a growing need to deal quickly and effectively with customer calls that involve a complex mix of elements, including smart devices, different operating systems, OTT services, and multimedia content from diverse web sites.

The challenge is to reduce service calls and improve First Call Resolution (FCR) while delivering the best customer experience. Customer support teams must be able to tackle service issues quickly while promoting greater profitability and customer satisfaction.

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