Mobile cloud overviewCloud-based sync and storage solutions like Apple’s iCloud typify a move to web-based service delivery, enabling users to access any application from anywhere using their mobile device. Increasingly integrated into handsets and operating systems, mobile cloud services offer seamless functionality with no need to download and install software. As faster mobile broadband services make it easier to transfer files and content, cloud services are expected to grow dramatically and move quickly from a niche service to mass market.
To turn the mobile cloud into an opportunity, you need accurate and meaningful data about how individuals consume new services. Only by understanding the way individual subscribers interact with the mobile cloud can you begin to build business models that ensure ongoing profitability.

Mobile cloud solution

The Now Factory’s Customer Experience Management (CEM) solution provides granular insights into how your customers use different cloud services. Collated data will inform how tariff plans can be optimized and help identify new trends that will strengthen your position when you enter into discussions with providers about new cloud-based services.

By optimizing cloud services with capacity planning strategies that take advantage of non-peak usage, you will be able to carry extra billable traffic on your data networks, increasing profitability without incurring significant upgrade costs.

The mobile cloud has the potential to consume large amounts of network capacity for syncing and storing photos, music, and documents, driven by a proliferation of service providers offering hosted applications, such as device backup and streaming content.

Mobile cloud challenge

As a Communications Service Provider (CSP), you have limited control over how and when these cloud-based services will impact on network capacity. Lack of alignment with mobile data plans and tariffs makes it difficult to generate additional revenues from capacity intensive services.

The mobile cloud will widen the gap between data traffic and revenues, increasing the cost per gigabyte ratio and making it harder to manage the network in terms of peak and off-peak resources. The challenge for CSPs is how to profitably manage this shift of resource usage.

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