Mobile CEM overviewAn explosion in the usage of mobile services has been sparked by a host of different devices, applications and networks. People are growing accustomed to living in a connected world where the ability to access personalized content and services from anywhere at any time is no longer a novelty but an expectation. Despite the complexity, the Communications Service Provider’s (CPS) responsibilities remain the same. You must deliver the best possible customer experience. In a competitive market, where churn is a fact of life, you must ensure optimum quality or risk losing customers.
The first step in delivering an optimal experience is to have accurate and meaningful measurements of what individual customers are experiencing at any given time.

The Now Factory’s Customer Experience Management (CEM) solution provides an in-depth view of the entire mobile service ecosystem in all its complexity, encompassing the huge variety of devices, services and applications. The behavioral response of each individual to these variables can be analyzed as a combination of experiences across all applications and services, on each device, in any location.

Mobile CEM solution

This information becomes a valuable weapon as you combat rising operational and investment costs, churn and customer disengagement, enabling you to create a better quality of experience and build a bigger and more loyal customer base.

Whether it’s streaming video, social networking or instant messaging, consumers demand access to feature-rich services using a host of different devices regardless of where they are. The challenge is to exert control over a fast-changing landscape, ensuring that highly personalized services are seamlessly delivered to subscribers and optimized for their consumption.

Mobile CEM challenge

Poor quality of experience is often cited as the main reason for churn. One-size-fits-all quality management systems designed exclusively for the world of SMS and voice services are proving inadequate in today’s environment. The challenge is to gain insights into the many elements that make up the new mobile ecosystem – the different devices, applications and services – and how they interact to deliver a quality of experience that meets each user’s unique expectations.

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