OTT Service quoteThe popularity of smart devices has made downloadable applications and Over The Top (OTT) services a mass market phenomenon, creating a new landscape that threatens you as a Communications Service Provider (CSP) with lost revenue and customer disengagement. Mobile consumers have a growing appetite for applications from third-party providers that are innovative and feature rich. Instant messaging and Voice over IP (VoIP) services such as WhatsApp and Viber are proving particularly popular.
As a CSP, you face unique challenges, but you also hold the key to a profitable future. You have the best view of your customers on your network. You are the only one in the mobile value chain with end-to-end visibility of customer usage and the impact it has on the network. The trick is to turn this visibility into a competitive advantage.

OTT Service solution

The Now Factory’ s CEM solution analyzes every aspect of OTT apps, taking you closer to your customer and ensuring ongoing profitability. An in-depth view of how customers use different apps on which devices, when and where, gives you unique and accurate insights into customer usage and network impact.

Armed with a clear picture of the customer and the network, you can deliver more profitable OTT services, securing your rightful place in the mobile value chain and user community.

OTT applications pose significant challenges for CSPs around revenue loss and network performance. 23% of operators saw a decline in SMS revenues from 2009 to 2010, with 36% citing OTT messaging applications as the reason. The short-term revenue impact may be small but the virulent growth of social networking and OTT applications threatens to disrupt long-term business models.

Consumer demand for OTT services and mobile apps has also created unexpected technical challenges. Fast dormancy and Cell-/URA-PCH can mitigate these issues, but their effectiveness varies across different platforms. At the same time, device manufacturers and application developers continually upgrade their services, making it harder to maintain a consistent customer experience.

OTT Service challenge

To resolve these challenges, you need to balance network investment with delivering an optimal customer experience while ensuring ongoing profitability.

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