Chatty Apps overviewThe huge growth in the adoption of smart devices and apps is causing a huge increase in radio signaling across today’s mobile networks. As a Communications Service Provider (CSP), you face the prospect of having to deal with these “chatty apps” that can lead to poor customer experience and even network outages. Investing in network capacity may offer a short-term fix, but long-term, you need to become more proactive in managing the behavior of apps across your network.
Intelligent network monitoring will facilitate a proactive and strategic response to “chatty apps”, rather than expedient measures that are short term and expensive. Accurate and meaningful measurement of what individual customers are experiencing at any given time will reassert your role in the mobile data ecosystem.

The Now Factory’s Customer Experience Management (CEM) solution provides tools to detect and measure the precise impact of application signaling across different combination of devices and customer groups. You will be able to see the effects of emerging applications on network performance and predict the cumulative impact of “chatty” apps running in parallel on any smartphone.

Chatty Apps solution

Armed with this information, you will have a valuable weapon to control the impact of application signaling and the data to inform strategies for maintaining the balance between managing a profitable network and delivering the best customer experience.

Many of today’s most popular smartphone applications, such as messaging, social networking and gaming, send data at regular intervals over short-lived mobile connections. These “chatty apps” can impact on network performance and the customer experience.

Chatty Apps challenge

Signaling volume growth poses a significant challenge that will only get worse as content providers continue to identify commercial opportunities, putting more strain on mobile data networks. Slow network response times, poor battery performance, low data rates and dropped calls are just some of the issues that have the potential to undermine the relationship you have with your customers.

To ensure a profitable customer experience, you need to develop innovative business models based on deep insights into the use of mobile applications across your network.

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