LTE: Unlocking the immediate ROI opportunity

When it comes to mobile services, the relationship between the carrier and their customers today is perhaps a parental one. The customer looks to the carrier for security of service. When they have an issue with Netflix or an OTT messaging or VoIP service like, Google Talk or Whatsapp, they don’t contact Netflix or Google; they contact the carrier. This presents as much opportunity for carriers as it does a challenge in enabling differentiated service, not strictly through applied Quality of Service parameters, but by engaging with 3rd party service providers for engineered delivery. This provides not only for savings in network utilization but also an enhanced customer experience.

At the recent LTE North America 2012 conference in Dallas, senior representatives from carriers and vendors got together to discuss both the challenges and opportunities presented by emerging LTE technologies.

LTE sets the framework for carriers to improve the Return on Investment (ROI) from networks tuned for high-speed, low-latency applications and services. Existing network technologies, although capable of providing similar speeds to introductory LTE, fail to deliver the lower cost per Gbps demanded by carriers in order to improve the ROI, as richer, data-hungry services are integrated more and more into our every day lives

During the event, analytics and the role it plays as a component in driving this improved ROI was a hotly discussed topic. As speakers on the panel Harvesting Data Analytics for Improved Customer Personalization, we discussed that a number of very real opportunities exist today to move the carrier beyond the paradigm of “Carrier as a Commoditized Access Model”. The most obvious jump and one frequented by my fellow speakers is the application of data analytics for the purpose of marketing.

We hear that next year will be the big year for CMOs and The Now Factory continues, as we’ve done for a number of years, to work with carriers to help them leverage the power of analytics to create and deliver more compelling marketing campaigns.

However, there is also an immediate opportunity to exploit data analytics for simultaneously driving cost efficiencies and delivering differentiated services.

It is in this area The Now Factory continues to expand our solution and services portfolio to offer something truly innovative, pushing up the ROI for LTE with our Network Monitoring and Customer Experience Management solutions. The traditional approach is no longer sufficient or sustainable.


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